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Are you looking for a cleaner for your parents in the Felixstowe area?

Updated: Jun 21

Do your parents need more help with keeping on top of their home?

We understand the pressures that come with helping parents as they age and we can help ease the load so you can spend more precious time with them rather than worrying about the cleaning.

Here at ECS we have a dedicated team to help with your cleaning needs.

We have many older clients on our cleaning rotas and the team clean their homes but also keep an eye on them and feedback any information needed to the next of kin.

We arrange a viewing with the client but also the next of kin to make sure everyone is aware of what will be done, noting any special requirements and anything important we may need to know.

You can trust ECS in a time of need and with your older relatives.

Please contact us today on the below for a free no obligation quotation and viewing.


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