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Updated: Jun 21

1: Companies value their reputation and will always go above and beyond for their clients.

2: Reliable service, multiple team members ensure cleans are covered if somebody is off sick or on annual leave.

3: Professional grade products provided, designed with the team and clients health in mind. Also meaning the client does not need to worry about providing cleaning products or equipment.

4: Staff are trained to a high standard with knowledge on COSHH and risk assessments are carried out for each task/property.

5: Fully insured in case of damages and accidents.

6: Companies invest in their cleaners, looking after them, making sure they’re valued and therefore creating a more productive workforce.

7: Profits are reinvested into improving the company’s systems, performance, products, training and more.

8: All cleaners are DBS checked.

9: Easy payment methods offered, no need to rummage around for cash the night before your cleaner arrives.

10: Google and facebook reviews available from other clients to allow you to make an informed decision on the company.

Looking for our help? Please get in contact on;


 Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Service

 Felixstowe and surrounding Areas

 DCBN Approved Supplier

 DBS Checked cleaners

 5 Star Reviews

 Fully Insured

 Est. 2019

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